Maritime Technical Ship-recycling

Let’s be all honest with each-other & reflect to the fact that scrapping vessels on beaches where the chemical’s, metals & other waste are in direct contact with Nature is not in line with the decarbonisation efforts Ship-Owners & Managers are making.

With all the effort of getting the shipping/maritime business clean in its operation we should take the next step and stop beaching vessels for recycling altogether. 

With our Maritime Technical Ship-Recycling Department we want to assist you with the proper decommissioning & disposal of your Vessel’s/Assets. Ensuring that all parts that can be re-used will be re-used in the most suitable & sustainable way.

In a world where it is more & more important to ensure that the environment is protected at the highest possible level, we can help you in choosing the most suitable & sustainable options for you.

In our company we have the knowledge to provide our clients with a true Cradle to Grave Service. 

Be Wise & Choose for the Long-Run, making the effort over the whole spectrum.

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