Technical service & equipment installation


With our Maritime Technical Support Department, we are able to assist you with all your Mechanical, Electrical, Piping & Steel jobs to Maintain, Modify, Prepare & Repair your Equipment & Vessels.

Day to Day Jobs;

As riding squads, we can send our teams onboard to pick-up & assist with the day-to-day Maintenance & Repairs onboard your vessel for a certain period. 

Different than our competitors we are offering you not just a riding team, but we make a small project out of it. We will make a quick inspection in the 1st European Port (or other port if desired) your ship will attend and then make you a lump sum proposal for the works seen/requested at that time. Then we can send our teams onboard within a few days (including our workshop container and/or Temporary Living Quarters if required) for the agreed period, we will guarantee that the jobs contracted will be completed and IF/When our team is finished with these jobs they will continue with other outstanding works until their normal disembarking date/port. (You will only pay for the extra materials used when supplied by us)

Planned Major Maintenance / Repairs;

During Dry-Dock/Yard Stays we can supply our teams as a riding squad onboard your vessel, we will make you an lump-sum price after inspection for the by you requested assistance/jobs to be done by our Fitter/Welders, Mechanics & Electricians. They will assist your crews with these jobs and when they have completed them, they will continue with other maintenance & repair works found. These “additional” works will not be invoiced as a Shipyard would do, we will only invoice you for the additional materials used and/or for overtime if made outside the already agreed timeframe.

We can also take care of the full project and become your contractor (in lieu of the shipyard). With our Mobile Workshops we are able to do all repairs that can be done floating in (almost) any location you desire. Pending on the location we can arrange for a repair berth including all required facilities & recourses.

For certain types & sizes of vessels who can dock in west-France we are even able to arrange also Dry-Docking repairs as we have contact with the persons in charge of publicly owned Docks.  

Modification / Conversion Projects;

With our teams we can assist you in executing your Modification and Conversion Projects. 

we are able to provide you the teams to do the pre-engineered works like:

  • Ballast Water Treatment Installation
  • Installation of SkySails/ Flettner-Rotor’s/ OceanWings systems
  • upgrading/changing Cargo Systems.
  • Installation of work deck winches, cranes and other supporting equipments

Mobilisation / De-Mobilisation Projects;

Our teams are experienced in preparing your assets for the projects or to bring them back to the state they were in before the project started. 

With our Mobile Workshops, Storage, Offices, Power Generation & TLQ’s we are able to join your projects anywhere, in addition to use these equipment’s for our own part of the project we are also able to supply these equipment’s as rentals to your company for the duration of the projects that you might have including an Project Crew when desired

Unplanned Damage Repairs;

In some ports we are able to send onboard our “emergency’ teams that can make temporary repairs in order for your vessel to depart with minimal delays and proceed its operation until a proper repair has been planned & prepared. 

At this stage this possibility is still limited however we are increasing this option in several Southern & Western European ports. Our priority to set-up this service are the ports of La Spezia.IT, Marseille/Fos-Sur-Mer.FR Algeciras.ES, Lisbon/Setubal.PT, Le Havre.FR, Rotterdam/Flushing/Amsterdam/Ijmuiden.NL, Emden/Wilhelmshaven/Bremer-Haven/Hamburg.DE. 

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