Technical support & inspections


With our Maritime Technical Superintendency Department as well as our French Entity Maritime Technical Superintendency SASU we are able to provide your company with;

  • Interim Fleet-, Vessel Managers/Superintendents/Port Engineers & Captains
    • During Holiday periods
    • During Peak Loads of work
    • To fill the gap during your recruitment process
  • Interim Project Managers/Superintendents
    • During Peak Loads of work
    • During Damage Repairs and/or planned projects
    • To fill the gap during your recruitment process
  • Full Superintendency Services
    • Technical Management for Captain/Owners of vessels
    • Local Technical Management support to Foreign Companies operating their vessels in European waters
  • Full Project Management Services
    • Mobilisation & De-Mobilisation 
    • Modification & Conversion
    • Maintenance & Repair

We have extensive experience with Container Vessels, Tug’s & Work Ships / Sheerlegs, Tanker’s, Multi-Purpose Vessels and Barges. 

As our core-team has been working in the past for Top Tier Companies within the Maritime World from both Ship-Owning/Managing as well as Ship-Building/Repair we have the direct & long term experience required to service our clients. 

We even received the confidence of the companies that directly employed our team members in the past as they are our clients today.

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