Technical Safety


With our Safety team onboard your project you do not loose time & Capable personnel on the work floor as you normally would when 1 of the service engineers or Crew Members in the team is to provide either Manhole or Fire Watch during the job. 

In addition to our teams we are also able to supply the right equipment like Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets , FirstAid kits, enclosed space recovery tripods /kits , EEBD’s , Personal Gas Detectors , Defibrillators , etc. so that you do not need to use your own equipment with the risk that something will be missing or non-conforming (like empty Fire Extinguishers) at the end of the project when you need to be back in your daily operation.

If you are looking for specialised assistance on the following, please contact us;

  • Work-Permit Handling
  • Capacity Oxygen/Gas/LEL/H2S daily verification (initial GasFree certification to be done by local approved company as per local regulations)
  • Manhole Watch (Including TriPod & Personal Gas-Detectors)
  • Fire Watch
  • First Aid
  • Gangway Watch / Access Control
  • Induction of New Employees / Service Engineers onsite/on-project
  • Safety patrols
  • 10ft safety Container (basic unit with standard Portable Fire Extinguishers, 1 emergency escape/rescue tripod, basic first-aid kit, eyewash)
  • 10ft access control container (double door with T-Card System)
  • 20ft safety Container (equipped only available including at least 1 of our own team members)
  • 20ft access control container (double door with T-card system and desk for watchmen)
  • 20ft safety office container (office unit for permit handling, first-aid, induction, meetings)


“Safety is more than a Procedure, it is making sure that You & Your Loved-ones can Stay Happy, Healthy & Safe”

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